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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, (smothwall) I've had it with cachepilot in Technical; Ok here is the story so far we were one of the first schools in stockton to my knowledge to ...
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    (smothwall) I've had it with cachepilot

    Ok here is the story so far

    we were one of the first schools in stockton to my knowledge to integrate cachpilot with server 2008 AD. unfortunately to my horror Equiinet had not relaesed an update to allow a cachepilot box to do this so we had to settle with people logging into the cachepilot everytime they went to use the internet.

    It took Equiinet just over a month to send me an update to allow me to integrate the cachepilot box in to server 2008.

    It worked fine for about a month until 3 days ago I started to goet angry staff and students at my door saying the internet was down. On closer look in to the problem It required a reboot of the cachepilot box. this help for a whole 20 minutes, then I would have to reboot the box again.. and again and again. I Phoned easynet to report the problem and they still haven't got back to me with a solution.

    I need to come up with a solution that is becta approved and noticed everyone is starting to use smoothwall. plenty of good reports, so I'm really impressed with the product.

    I have a spare pc here with plenty of ram, hdd, and cpu power. How much will it cost me to moth over to this?

    any help would be much appreciated, I would like to set this up tomorrow and take the box into work to finish off on monday and have it installed


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    Do you mean Schoolguardian, the schools smoothwall product or the freebie one?

    Schoolguardian is priced per user so it depends on the size of the school.

    It needs a decent bit of hardware too, I recently bought a ML115 and stuck 4 gig of ram and a couple of hard drives in and it runs like a dream for 350 concurrent users.

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    PEO: There are a few schools in your area trialling the new Equiinet/Smoothie combination. Let your LA know you guys want the Smoothie version, and then you will get it on the CachePilot FoC when the time comes - assuming the LA make the right choice (hint hint guys.. you don't want a second rate filter on your cachepilots do ya?!).

    We're a *little* way off on complete integration - we hope to work with the Equiinet guys to get a sweet-spot combination of both products for those who are already on Cachepilot when (if? ) the roll-out comes.

    No good for monday fix, but give me a call any time after 8am monday, and I will let you know what gives, and help you with any options you have right now.



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