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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, ac.uk Domain Names in Technical; Just a quick one: Are there any academies out there using an ac.uk domain name? Cheers, Andy...
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    ac.uk Domain Names

    Just a quick one: Are there any academies out there using an ac.uk domain name?



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    I think only sixth form colleges/ further education colleges and universities can apply for ac.uk

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    We're .ac. We do go up to 18, but only start at 13... Independent boarding.

    Or did you mean "Academies" in the new nu-labour sense of the word?

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    JANET Eligibility for ac.uk

    Eligibility Guidelines for a Name under ac.uk

    1. Eligibility for an ac.uk domain name

    These eligibility requirements apply to all new requests for registering and managing an ac.uk domain name. Organisations applying for an ac.uk domain name must fit both of the mandatory requirements and at least one of the eligibility requirements.

    1.1 Mandatory requirements

    An organisation may register one or more names in the ac.uk domain provided that it meets the initial requirement of a permanent physical presence in the UK and that the majority of its activities are publicly funded by UK government funding bodies, OR it is a Learned Society.

    1.2 Eligibility requirements

    The organisation’s primary function must also satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

    i. it has central government funding to provide teaching at tertiary level. Eligible organisations would be:

    * higher education establishments;
    * further education establishments;
    * sixth form colleges;
    * specialist colleges, which aim to promote opportunities for high quality education and training in residential or day settings, for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities;
    * adult community learning (ACL) centres which receive direct funding from their Local Education Authority.

    Tertiary education is defined as a programme of learning provided to persons over the age of 16, which is intended to lead to the acquisition of publicly recognised qualifications , such as:

    * a vocational qualification or GCE A Levels or a qualification awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, such as Scottish Vocational Qualifications and Higher National Qualifications ;
    * a higher diploma or certificate ;
    * higher education , such as a course of undergraduate study;
    * a course of post-graduate studies (including a higher degree course);
    * a course at a higher level in preparation for a qualification from a professional body ; or

    ii. part of its set of core activities is to conduct publicly funded academic research where a reasonable proportion of the results are placed in the UK public domain; or

    iii. its primary purpose is to provide support (other than teaching) for organisations that work with, and provide other services to, tertiary level educational establishments or the associated research community; or

    iv. it has the status of a Learned Society , which is a society that exists to promote an academic discipline or group of disciplines. Most learned societies are non-profit organisations, whose activities typically include holding regular conferences for the presentation and discussion of new research results, and publishing or sponsoring academic journals in their discipline. Some also act as professional bodies, regulating the activities of their members in the public interest or the collective interest of the membership.

    Please note:

    Where necessary, the assessment that the "core activities" or "primary purpose" fits one or more of the categories above will be determined from the organisation's Articles of Association, Prospectus or equivalent documentation;

    Applications for domain names should include clear and concise information detailing eligibility of the organisation requesting the domain name and how it qualifies for registration in the ac.uk domain. Applications with insufficient information will be rejected by the Naming Committee;

    1.3 Not eligible for an ac.uk domain name

    The following are not eligible for an ac.uk domain name:

    * Individuals;
    * Privately-funded organisations/institutions;
    * Schools;
    * ISPs and hosting companies;
    * Departments or faculties within eligible institutions – should be sub-domains;
    * International organisations/institutions.
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    I puzzle about this every time I see the question ... and it still keeps coming up (please use the search facility!)

    .sch.uk is for schools ... An academy is a school. It may also be an educational institute for research, a community hub, a library, a shopping centre ... but the primary role is that of a school.

    If folk don't like to use .sch.uk then pick from a plethora of other TLDs or cTLDs. Ideally you should use .org.uk but some prefer .co.uk as there are other services you offer ... some use .com, or .org ... and .net should only really be grabbed to stop squatting by students.

    But please leave .ac.uk to the folks in the criteria above!

    and yes ... this is a pet rant having recently been collared by a governor from another LA who was not happy that the LA was not giving them support in their application!

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