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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Inty Web Defender in Technical; Anyone using Inty Web Defender? What do you think of it?...
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    Inty Web Defender

    Anyone using Inty Web Defender?
    What do you think of it?

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    Yes, we have it.

    But we have stopped using it so much, as the LA have changed their filtering, and it is so much better (than their old one). We have suspected it was slowing down our internet connection, but now we're just blaming the actual Inty exoserver box.

    We have two of the Exoserver units, when we first bought one (about 6-7 years ago), they were the best proxy/filter I could find. But now, I think I'd rather get a Censornet or a Smoothwall unit.

    We have issues with the WebDefender, as it needs to be able to contact Inty servers via ports 6667 (or something that belongs to IRC, could be 6666), and the LA filter this...

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    IntY Web Defender

    we've got it, and its great!

    it works whether my users are in the building on a PC or mobile with a laptop at home, in wifi hotspot, cafe, home adsl or work network or 3G dongle.

    Ive even got my windows mobile and blackberry users / useage protected!!

    Weve also got it hooked up to our Active Directory so I dont even have to administer any changes.

    We used to have an Exo (great for its time too) but Web Defender Enterprise doesnt need the exo or any appliance to work so dont let that influence you.

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