Just been thinking about this because quite frankly I need some way to figure out what my different policies are doing (or not) for different user groups.

At present I'm not aware of any way that and admin can specify a target group and output what the system will block or allow once all policies have been interpreted.

What I'd really like to see would be something like this...

Group: Staff

"Good" content (0/4)
ALLOW Email-related phrases
ALLOW General phrases
ALLOW News-related phrases
BLOCK Software updates

Adult themes (0/14)
Weapons (0/3)
BLOCK Hunting and Sporting
ALLOW Military
BLOCK Personal Weapons


I'm aware that it doesn't deal with the other settings in so much as things like "bypass authentication" settings, etc... but it would help develop much more comprehensive and easier-to-troubleshoot policies that didn't become an evil monster from hell...

If there's already something like this then for the love of pete, send it me yesterday... If not, please add to the wishlist...