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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Advice needed...ISA & Internet in Technical; ok here's the deal i'll try keep it simple cuz it get fairly confusing! we have our internet supplied by ...
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    Advice needed...ISA & Internet

    ok here's the deal i'll try keep it simple cuz it get fairly confusing!
    we have our internet supplied by our LEA via Redstone via a cisco pix
    we have our own firewall with an internal IP and external ip (from the pix)
    default gateway is firewall internal ip
    our ISA server is our proxy server again with an internal ip address
    we use the ISA to block website's and block access to the internet etc

    our LEA have setup an advanced filtering system for us to use - we have been given a web proxy address - which we can have the ip address for

    what we want to do is...have our users go to the isa for our blocking then to the LEA advanced filtering.

    my thinking is somehow we can set the ISA to direct its internet to the advanced filtering proxy, rarther than going to the default gateway....cant for the life of me work out how though...total thinking loss..any help would be...well would be amazing!

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    You need to use proxy chaining in the settings in ISA. ISA Server 2004 :: Configure firewall chaining

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