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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Opening ISA Server Port in Technical; Hi, 1. When I open this website & logs in with our school credentials (bluehost.com), the link is as follows ...
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    Opening ISA Server Port


    1. When I open this website & logs in with our school credentials (bluehost.com), the link is as follows

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    when he logs in, it uses SSL port 2083 rather than 443 which is normal. ISA server does not allow to go through. Is there anyway I can open ISA Server Port 2083 with 443 for https:// requests.

    2. We were recently hit by virus (Mal/Confiker-A & D) & had to reinstall ISA . We are having problem with EdExcel exam - ESM Server. It is not downloading the Exam from website. I have monitored it in ISA where it is trying to go through a prot 137. Any one has the same problem before or can help me sorting this out.

    3. We have websense 7 recently installed with ISA . It is suddenly stopped updating the master database and I am getting the message disk is full. How ever I have more than 60GB left on C drive and the same amount in D drive. Any fix for this please.


    Shoaib Nasir

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    1: Yeh you can but you need to reg edit to do it.
    Take a look at: Extending the ISA Firewall’s SSL Tunnel Port Range (2004) also

    2: Its probably not sending authentication properly. Try installing the firewall client (its on a share on your isa box)

    3: No idea sorry but if it uses MSSQL then it could be a problem there

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