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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Squid box not working help in Technical; I have just inherited a squid proxy server that i have never worked or had any experience on. I came ...
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    Squid box not working help

    I have just inherited a squid proxy server that i have never worked or had any experience on. I came in this morning the internet had stopped. after a couple of reboots reboot it works for about 5 mins each time. Please can anyone help resolve this problem as we have no internet

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    Have to got copies on the conf files backed up.

    If not get these backup up quickly. Normally I backup all the /etc folder.

    If its as old as you say I would build another one from scatch


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    Assuming that the box responds to pings and you have a logon to the box with root or sudo credentials....

    Log into the box (assuming it's a text console, if not open up a terminal (command prompt) and type:

    ps -A | grep squid
    If you get a few lines with the word "squid" in them, squid is running, so try to access the internet from the console using a text-mode browser, popular ones that may be installed are w3m, lynx or links
    w3m http://www.google.co.uk
    If you don't see a few lines with "squid" in them when your run ps -A | grep squid on the console type:

    which squid
    which will tell you where squid is installed - type in :
    using root credentials

    or use
    sudo /fully/qualified/path/to/squid
    To start squid. If squid is broken it should tell you straightaway, if it breaks in a short time it should squawk and die, dumping error messages to the console.

    You could also look in the logs at:


    to see if any of them mention problems.

    To stop this become a massive if/then post, tell us what you find re squid working or not, then we can make more suggestions.
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