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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, ISA and Sims in Technical; What ports should be opened on a ISA server (internal network) to allow Sims workstations to connect through the firewall ...
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    ISA and Sims

    What ports should be opened on a ISA server (internal network) to allow Sims workstations to connect through the firewall and is there a way to test the changes work without having a Sims workstation to hand?

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    I'd imagine (though don't quote me on this) that it'd be the standard SQL ports, 1433 is one of them, can't remember the others offhand.

    To check it you could use the osql command-line utility to connect directly to the SIMS database.

    However, allowing SQL ports to open directly to the external world strikes me as a security vulnerability. You might be better off setting up a terminal server and allowing people to connect that way.

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    I assume you're wanting SIMS workstations to be able to access the SQL Server and Document Storage server through the ISA server?

    You will need to allow UDP 1434 and then whatever TCP port your SQL server instance is running on. You can use the SQL Server Configuration Manager to check this (SQL Server 2005 Config / Protocols for {InstanceName} / TCP/IP)

    For the SIMS .Net document server, this is by default TCP 8080, but again you'll need to check by running c:\program files\sims\sims .net document server\dmconfig /t on your server.

    Don't forget that if you want your ISA server to authenticate your clients before allowing a connection (which you should do), then you'll need to make them Firewall Clients as there's no support for authenticating Secure NAT clients.


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