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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Sophos UTM Integration to AD in Technical; On our previous filtering system (Smoothwall School Guardian) we used AD security groups to link to filtering profiles which gave ...
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    Question Sophos UTM Integration to AD

    On our previous filtering system (Smoothwall School Guardian) we used AD security groups to link to filtering profiles which gave us the flexibility to change filtering for individual staff members and/or students quite easily.

    Our contractor set up our Sophos UTM to integrate with AD, but the links are primarily with OUs and not security groups.

    Any Sophos UTM users out there who would like to voice the pros and cons of OU vs security groups in this context?
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    I am currently running School Guardian but I'm just in the process of configuring their UTM product (migrating over the summer), I setup all of school guardian based on security groups. I will be configuring the UTM product in exactly the same way.

    I agree by using security groups I think it gives you a bit more flexibility but at the end of the day I think its mainly just end user preference. Either way would work well, I'm going to stick with security groups as this is how I configured Guardian, it works well and my AD setup is configured ready to go. Hope this helps.

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    @kathabell i am sure we have our Sophos UTM set up in some cases to security groups, in this case we have a SG which has a list of certain staff that can access facebook and twitter, that is linked to a filtering profile in the Sophos UTM. If you have had the UTM installed by the same company as us i would email there support desk to double check.

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