Hi all, first actual post here - love the great commenters here, so hopefully someone can help!

Short question: has anyone else noticed that the test uses a lot more bandwidth than SBAC claimed?

Our elementary school took the practice test for the California version of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium online student achievement test. According to our specifications and the bandwidth tester from SBAC, our school is fine with our 20MB fiber line. However, when time came to take the test, I found we were often maxing out our internet connection for much of the period with only 80 kids on. I'm going to lock down other usage of the internet during our next testing period to make sure I'm not getting interference, but I wonder has anyone else noticed the usage is a lot heavier than SBAC had predicted? I even had a couple of computers give the dreaded "unable to establish a connection with online system" message and drop the kids for a short while.

We're on Macs (mixed wired iMacs and wireless MB Airs), 20x20Mb fiber, Ubiquiti wifi.