Hi All,

We have Eclipse.net hosted, and a Sophos WS1100 filtering proxy appliance at my school. Up until recently, everything was going swimmingly, but now (most) book cover images aren't loading when we view the front page.

It does seem to work for some students, but not for staff. (we have very few staff and student specific policies, almost everything is globally blocked or globally allowed. Nothing seems like it would match the eclipse site). It does work from an IP that is exempt from filtering so I'm 99% sure it is the Sophos appliance that's blocking things.

The problem is I can't figure out why. Everything else on the page loads. In fact the image that says "No book cover image available" loads. I've tagged microlibrarian.net and microlib.co.uk as Globally allowed sites, and set the category to "trusted."

We had the same issue a few weeks ago. The Eclipse support folk said it was a problem with our filtering, but after a few days it sorted itself out without intervention at our end. Now the problem has come back, even though we've changed nothing.

If anyone has any ideas of settings we could change, or even just has a similar experience, I'd love to know.