Made me chuckle...

Source: Exertis Micro P - The IT Distributor of Choice

Recent reports have emerged on the potentially catastrophic threats that cyber attacks pose to the UK.
In addition to this, concerns have surfaced that the UK is suffering from a skills shortage when it comes to cyber security.
As a result, the 'Cyber Security Skills: Business Perspectives and Government's Next Steps' report recommends that children from 11-14 should be taught the fundamentals of cyber security at school in a bid to effectively defend the UK from future attacks.

The proposed plans suggest that teachers be trained on how to educate children on this new and ever-evolving subject area.
David Willets, Universities and Science minister, said that countries that are able to manage cyber security risks have a 'clear competitive advantage', and that by integrating lessons on cyber security into schools we will 'help equip the UK with the professional and technical skills we need for long-term economic growth'.

In my own experience most 11-14 Year old could teach the teachers a trick or two...