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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, WAN providers in Technical; Hello Everyone We now look after three schools' IT provision that have recently left the LA to be academies and ...
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    WAN providers

    Hello Everyone

    We now look after three schools' IT provision that have recently left the LA to be academies and have formed a multi academy trust. We currently use the council's WAN/Internet/Firewall/Filtering facilities but would like to move away, partly because of the quality of the service and partly because we may be expanding to include other schools outside of our city. Can any of you recommend a solution/provider combo? I quite fancy an MPLS setup due to costs and the fact it acts like a LAN so not too much change from what we already have. Leased lines would be too expensive though. Just wondering what other schools with similar requirements do.


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    Hi James,

    we do this and can link dozens of sites together so 3 should be pretty easy

    BTW also take a look at VPLS rather than MPLS so you can run site to site VLANS. MPLS is getting a bit old hat now.

    I'll send you a PM



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    Your asking what providers are available in your area? or how to combine them?

    Personally I like using different providers over different mediums (coax/cable vs. copper/phone vs. fiber) because that way when one goes down or gets hit by a shovel you can still be functioning.

    I'd look at a Balance Model Comparison | Peplink to combine multiple ISPs - go with whatever ISP is cheapest in your area.
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