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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, One Website; two IP addresses in Technical; Okay, So, I've convinced our ISP to allow us to use both our primary and backup line simultanously. I'll be ...
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    One Website; two IP addresses


    So, I've convinced our ISP to allow us to use both our primary and backup line simultanously. I'll be using Smoothwall to load balance the lines and provide failover. We also, have a number of live IP addresses on two seperate subnets (one for each gateway router).

    I have a small number of servers (web, email, etc) that need to be accessed from the outside world. My question is, what's the best way of achieving this?

    I could put them behind a reverse proxy with local private IP's instead of using the public IP's. Or is there a way of using a public IP from each subnet to the site is available via either route?


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    You can do a poor mans fault tolerance by simply creating two records for your domain, each with the IP from either ISP line...

    A website might have 4 A records all together...
    example.com = IP from ISP 1
    example.com = IP from ISP 2
    www.example.com = IP from ISP 1
    www.example.com = IP from ISP 2

    A mail server might use a higher priority MX record for the backup ISP line...

    example.com = Priority 10 = IP from ISP 1
    example.com = Priority 20 = IP from ISP 2

    The best way to do this is if your ISP and your end equipment can do BGP, so the same public IPs are available via either line.
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