BT and some of its wholesale partners (PlusNet) have evidently been rolling out Infinity (Option 1) at a discount using CGNAT since May last year.

EE have been using CGNAT on it G4 network from the outset and others are following.

Looks like the IP V4 exhaustion is secretly catching up on us, so before you jump to another ISP you had better check that your shiny new broadband agreement doesn't restrict your IP address usage.

BT are offering Geeks an opt-out but I'm yet to see if this affects your contract or termination fee's.

Need to read the small print carefully on these new £7.50pm Infinity deals but it looks like only BT subscribers can get to the pages where any hidden costs/charges may be displayed.
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Anyone got it? Anyone managed to opt out of it?

Just need to know as I'm always being asked by friends, family and clients about Infinity at home and wouldn't want to recommend a can of worms to anyone! Most have the need to work from home etc. so how do CGNAT clients get on with the LGFL VPN/Remote access system if they get this?