I had a demonstration of the new Parentmail PMX system at Bett, and was assured by PM's MD that the upgrade process would be much smoother than the Parentmail 2 upgrade with everything being transferred over from Parentmail 2. We have been having major issues with Parentmail 2 for a while, so I was all set to upgrade asap.

However, having had my introductory session with PM support it seems that all is not quite as I was led to believe. I have to start from scratch again with a SIMS upload, so will have recreate all my groups etc. The community management section seems a lot more limited than PM2, and the help pages are clearly a work in progress (e.g. the FAQ section is completely empty, and the section on importing data refers to links that don't exist). I'm now feeling a little nervous about taking the plunge. PM2 upgrade was a total headache for us and I suspect that this may be a similar experience.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has already upgraded, and what their experience has been like. Is it worth it?