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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Videos not working on old HTML CD title in Technical; We've got some ancient multimedia CD about castles on the network, which I guess probably worked once, but hasn't been ...
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    Videos not working on old HTML CD title

    We've got some ancient multimedia CD about castles on the network, which I guess probably worked once, but hasn't been used for years. They're trying to use it now, but the videos won't play. I've tried slotting it into the Intranet and running it direct from a mapped drive, but it makes no difference.

    A typical line of code which should be displaying a video is:

    <img border="0" dynsrc="dotdot/films/Siege.wmv" start="fileopen"></p>

    I've replaced two full stops with "dotdot" because the forum software messes with it.

    The folder and videos exist. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the video format and/or the syntax. Tried IE and Chrome. If you point them directly at the URL for the video, it plays in IE (after prompting to open) and Chrome (if you add the Windows Media Player plugin), but the page which is supposed to play them doesn't...so at the moment I'm suspecting "dynsrc".

    Any thoughts...?
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    Thought you had to embed the video's similar to this ( presuming they are WMV Files ) :

    Embedding WMV files
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    can you play the resource videos outside the html?

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    Have you ticked the "Allow active content ..." boxes in IE?


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