Hi all,

We are upgrading all 4 of our sites this year with a single vendor solution. We are scrutinising technical specs/POC and quotes at the moment and trying to pick our preferred hardware platform. SW, Watchguard and Palo Alto being the current whittle down.

We have been offered GMS as part of a quote for SW, so we can have a one ring management solution.

Is GMS worth it for 4 sites, so 2 NSA, 2 TZ and a small boatload of sonic points(8 at each site)?

It looks good, but even though I have used SW's for donkeys, I've never really bothered with their software/management solutions, and I'm worried it is too powerful, if that makes sense, as they mention hundreds and thousands of managed devices in their blurb!

Any help of experience would be helpful!

I am really just fed up of doing everything 4 times!