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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Palto Alto in Technical; Well... We have the safe seach enforcement checked in V6, but this is not enforcing safe search for Google....
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    We have the safe seach enforcement checked in V6, but this is not enforcing safe search for Google.

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    I have just had a trial of a Fortinet device, and am currently in the second week of a Palo Alto trial. I managed to persuade the supplier to set up the Palo as a fully operational firewall and filtering device, rather than the in-line mode they usually advocate. This has allowed me to trial it in more detail, as it is functioning as it would if we were to go ahead and buy.

    I have the budget approved for both the Fortigate and Palo Alto.

    At the moment I am just really not convinced by all the praise that the Palo Alto receives. I am not thoroughly persuaded at the moment that it does anything more than slightly better than the Fortigate. It is very expensive. I see also that the log size is somewhat limited on the box (PA 3020), and the supplier suggests buying the Panorama product. This is another several thousand pounds!

    The Safe Search feature works, but it is annoying. With the Fortigate device it worked without bothering anyone. The Palo Alto insists that you set your own Safe Search to 'filter explicit results'. This is currently causing disruption to students and staff, as well as increased calls to support, as many people see an 'error' and immediately freeze and call IT support.

    I have trialled Sonicwall, Cyberoam, Watchguard, Smoothwall, Fortinet, Palo Alto, and considered Lightspeed, Bloxx, Sophos, Meraki, Cisco, Juniper, and Barracuda. They are all lacking in some significant way that makes the perfect solution (for us) possibly a combination of two of them. However, we can't afford that, and so I will have to make a compromise. This is why I need something that fits as closely as possible. Therefore it will likely be Fortinet or Palo Alto.
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    We got a Palo Alto firewall with our Virgin package. So far I have to say it is very good! Not just hype but actually does the job. We run our filtering via Bloxx though so can't comment on that side of things.

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, some parts are locked out by Virgin but nothing that we really would need to access. I can get full control over the NAT and security settings plus the monitoring logs. Don't need anything else

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