Hello everyone.

I've recently moved to a school that has a bunch of Samsung Chromebooks for use by the students, which is something pretty new for me. Up until recently, they've been running fairly smoothly, but I've been informed that they are now prompting students for credentials to authenticate with the proxy server as soon as they boot to the login screen. The Forefront server that these devices point to does have both Integrated and Basic authentication methods checked, but the box that requires all users to authenticate is unchecked; additionally, all of the rules seem to have the All Users group in them, rather than All Authenticated Users. As far as the Change Tracking tab is concerned, nothing has been altered since July, so the settings on the server are all the same (this leads me to think that some updates may have been installed on the Chromebooks at some point - I'll need to check that). If I uncheck both authentication options and apply the settings, the user is no longer prompted for credentials on the Chromebooks, however my understanding is that anyone could connect a device to our wireless network and browse without having to supply details and, on top of that, this would make monitoring a lot more difficult on this server because user details would no longer be tracked.

Does anybody know how we could set this up so that the Chromebooks don't require authentication, but other devices do? It seems only to be these that are causing problems, as if you connect an iOS or Android device to the network and use this proxy server, you're only ever asked to authenticate the first time round. There are options for SSL Certificate and RADIUS authentication, but I am not sure whether or not either of these would be of any use here (I really need to start reading up on Forefront stuff ). Perhaps there's a way of setting up a rule for a group of IP addresses that can bypass the need to provide credentials? That way I could stick some reservations in DHCP for the Chromebooks and do things that way, but I'm really not confident just diving in and messing around with a live server and getting one set up for testing is going to be a bit tricky in our current situation. If someone can provide a starting point, though, then I'd appreciate having something to go off.

If anybody has any advice to offer, I would be very grateful as I'm honestly quite clueless on this one. Thank you in advance.