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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Yet another GIS Safesearch thread in Technical; We have got Safesearch on for all users, which seems to be working fine, but if you type in Prolapse, ...
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    Yet another GIS Safesearch thread

    We have got Safesearch on for all users, which seems to be working fine, but if you type in Prolapse, Hydrocele, or any term such as this, you can still see graphic anatomical images. I also did a search for some Japanese terms and inappropriate things come up. Does safesearch actually work? I read on here before that people are just blacklisting GIS entirely. (or are making URL filter restrictions for each and every term they can think of) Is there a better way than this? Again sorry for another GIS thread...

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    Just tested and myself and I can see the graphic images you mention, I fear this may be a google problem though. Safe search is enabled as I can see it in the URL but those images are slipping through.

    Even picsearch.co.uk isn't filtering those out.

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