I work on a lot of projects in schools in developing countries and I am exploring the different traffic shaping options available. The issue is that I don't want to get sucked into yearly licenses since most of the schools I work in are in countries that don't have credit or budget down the road for this type of stuff. For example, I really like the options that Meraki provides, but the price is way too high and has yearly licenses.

We currently use a lot of Mikrotik routers which can do this stuff, but it's complicated to do QoS and traffic shaping and is challenging to train new locals to be able to administer. There are some cool products like EasyTomato (easytomato.org) which may be what I end up relying on, but I would prefer to not flash any hardware. That whole simplicity thing just gets a bit ruined.

If the yearly licenses were really reasonable and cheap, I could potentially front-load the cost, but when I frontload devices like Meraki, the cost is way too high to try to sell when I compare it to our current Mikrotik setup. Credit cards in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa is unavailable as well, even for businesses, so another knock against yearly payments.

Anyone have any ideas on stuff to look into? Desired features include fair usage for bandwidth management and maybe service throttling for stuff like p2p traffic and bittorrent.