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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Smoothwall - VLANS and Smoothwall DHCP in Technical; Hi, I am currently trying to document the setup of our smoothwall which was not set up by us and ...
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    Smoothwall - VLANS and Smoothwall DHCP


    I am currently trying to document the setup of our smoothwall which was not set up by us and am not sure how a part of it is working. Our setup is.

    1. Student device joins a wireless network which authenticates against a 2008R2 DC running NPS.
    2. NPS authenticates the user and depending on their group drops them into a VLAN.
    3. Smoothwall is the DHCP server for these VLAN's and assigns an IP address.
    4. There is a different subnet for each VLAN and Smoothwall correctly assigns the correct IP address depending on the VLAN assigned to the AD group member by NPS.

    What I don't know is how Smoothwall is linking the VLAN to the DHCP subnet. There are only 2 interfaces on the smoothwall with one being the gateway and the other being our leased line. The gateway interface is obviously trunked but I cannot find any VLAN config on the Smoothwall.

    If anyone can give me an indication on where this is I would be extremely grateful.

    This is a virtual smoothwall by the way and we are using a transparent proxy for the users.

    Many thanks


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    I'm new to this myself but our setup sounds similar to yours. You should have interfaces set up for each vlan in the interfaces menu. These will appear in your DHCP server global options. Then under the dhcp server section you can enter the ip information for each subnet. I'm not familiar with the virtualised version, however. Andy

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