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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Adobe Connect/Flash and RTMP in Technical; Does anyone have any experience with Adobe Connect? I've got a couple of college courses at the high school that ...
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    Adobe Connect/Flash and RTMP

    Does anyone have any experience with Adobe Connect? I've got a couple of college courses at the high school that use it, but it won't work this year. Last year it was fine. From what I understand it uses RTMP on port 1935, with a fallback to tunneling over 443 and then 80. I know that RTMP can't be proxied in it's native form, but according to Adobe the fallback should work in the event it can't connect over that port. The problem is, near as I can tell, it never even tries the other ports.

    Looking at my Squid logs they showed no connection attempts from the test computers. Using netstat on the client it showed an attempted direct connection to the outside server waiting in the wind on port 1935. It stayed that way for about five minutes until finally a connection failed message appeared in the browser. The whole time the proxy never registered any connection attempts from the box and netstat never showed anything else but a hung RTMP connection.

    If this is a bug it would make sense as the fallback worked last year with older versions of Flash. Can anyone confirm?
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