Here is my problem. I have a small network at a primary of about 100 Windows 7 SP1 computers, running off a Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller. There are roaming profiles setup for all of the users, except the administrators and students. The old ISP was the county councils provision, and all websites worked fine. I changed over the internet connection to the new provider, and any user with a roaming profile fails to load any Google related website. Non roaming accounts like the administrator or students seem to be fine. They use IE 9 as their default browser on all PCs.

I have removed the use configuration script tick box out of the browser settings and also made sure that the use proxy tick box was also unticked. The DC is the DNS server and I have changed the forwarders there to point to the Google public DNS servers.

When I log onto a roaming user account, any non Google website runs fine, but any Google website looks like it is going to load, but it stops and the screen is just white. No words explaining why it didnít load. I turned on the F12 mode in the browser to see what it is doing when I try to load Google and under the result column it just says Aborted. From the userís account I can open a command window and ping Google and it resolves just fine.

Something to think about is I had recreated the head teachers account a few months ago, and her account seems to be able to access Google related websites. She was able to logon to gmail without issue. The only thing with her also is that she is using a laptop that was setup just over a month ago, where the other users are logging onto computers that have been setup for a couple of years. All computers are kept up to date via Windows Update from the server.

I have searched for answers to this particular problem and most have said look at the Hosts file. I have checked this on a few PCs and it has no incorrect data. I thought I might just backup the userís data from their user folder on the PC and delete it and see if it would make any difference by recreating the local profile, but as they are roaming profiles, the user folders have nothing in them, it pulls everything for the user from the server.

I have a feeling it is something to do with the roaming profiles of the users, but I canít quite put my finger on why that would be an issue.
Anyone have any idea what I could do to get Google working again?

We use a Meraki MX-80 security appliances as a firewall/router/content filter. Google is definitely not blacklisted. (otherwise the administrator and student accounts would be blocked too.)

I donít believe it is a virus or malware, just for the simple fact that any other website works fine and if I reconnect the old ISP all of the Google websites work fine. I am going to try to delete an account on the server tomorrow and see what happens when I recreate the user account and whether or not they will have access to Google after I do.