I am attempting to get some help on the Appliansys CacheBox 200 that I have that was originally part of the council rollouts way back when.

Long story short I need to use the CacheBox so that its admin/filtering interface (eth0) is on my main network, and then it's internet connection (a BT business hub in the short term) is on its second network port (eth1) so that it can straddle the two networks.

I have had it working fine when it is just via the home hub with a laptop etc etc, its getting it to bridge the 2 cards I can't seem to get working, and I'm sure I'm just missing the obvious at this point.

I am not at work at the moment but once I get in I will post some screenshots of what I have tried so far (and not quite got working).

Any help anyone could offer would be great... I can't be the first to try this (I hope)!