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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, VoIP supplier advice in Technical; Not sure if this is the right forum, if not can a moderator please move it. The first requirement is ...
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    VoIP supplier advice

    Not sure if this is the right forum, if not can a moderator please move it.

    The first requirement is the supplier needs to be able to accept an order from school and send invoices.
    Thus Ebay, Amazon, etc are out of the picture.

    Hardware wise what's needed are two phones able to handle two concurrent calls; three very basic phones
    and one DECT or WiFi phone.

    Servicewise what I'm looking for two concurrent calls on ported number. Not really interested in any kind of
    "hosted system". Connection would need to be over IAX2 unless the provider could provide the correct details
    for SWGfL to make firewall changes for their version of SIP/RTP. (And the SWGfL would consent to make
    such changes.)

    Useful extras would be
    a) more concurrent incomming, but not outgoing, calls. (Which would be for purposes of pupil absence reporting
    and providing recorded information.)
    b) ability to connect a fax machine. ("Alternatives" involving scanning and email attachments did not go
    down well with the office staff concerned.)

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    There is always Misco for your hardware needs: Networking - Buy VOIP, VOIP Handsets - www.misco.co.uk

    Otherwise, have a look at some of the communication providers local to you, some do in-house systems whilst also managing your calls etc, I know of a few around London but obviously that is no use to you down in Exeter, however some provide their services across the UK.

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    If you are interested in Do IT Yourself then you have should investigate into Asterisk, FreePBX and Elastix and SIP Trunking.

    I use SIP Trunk, Broadband, Wideband Ethernet, and MPLS Services for Installers and Integrators for SIP Trunking and Asterisk Hardware, Phone Systems, IP Phones & VoIP Equipment - VoIPon Solutions for hardware

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