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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Setting googles nosslsearch.. doesnt work in Technical; I have looked into googles nosslsearch and is this going to work for BYOD devices too? If I have my ...
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    Setting googles nosslsearch.. doesnt work

    I have looked into googles nosslsearch and is this going to work for BYOD devices too? If I have my DHCP server as the smoothie and its giving out DNS addresses of and, are users still able to get round the nosslsearch as the DNS edit is on the internal network which the BYOD devices dont see.

    Is there a way in smoothwall, maybe a header override that can be used, a bit like the youtube one to block or redirect users to the normal Google instead of https://..
    @AMLightfoot, i have tried the google suggestion and it doesnt work - Creating a new forward lookup zone: google.com, create a CNAME www and point it to nosslsearch.google.com messes up our website internally and also breaks google, thats if im setting it up right?

    There are a lot of threads on the net about how its not worknig for others too. Plus if i go to https://nosslsearch.google.com or Google the pages arent available.

    Has anyone on here got this to work?


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    I suspect that if you are using external DNS on your BYOD you won't be able to use this method although if you are performing HTTPS inspection through Guardian you will be able to enforce safesearch but this is dependant on you having a transparent policy with HTTPS interception enabled.

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