Hi all

This is starting to be a pain now! Getting a lot of errors only on the web access of outlook!
Don't get this happen in outlook at all, Now all the exchange, web filleting and firewall is done by the Lancashire county council.
The errors only happen in school and not at home! So we still think it's some thing to do with web filleting or the firewall at there end.

Talk to Westfield last week and they say it's not there end most be at school's end!!! I can't see how it would be at the school end of the network. This has been happen about a week when a member of staff had this error! as I'd not seen this happen before I send out an email asking staff if this is happen to them and with in 10mins I had about 5 email saying it was the same for them too.

I want to ask if any one in Lancashire is have the errors from the outlook web access?