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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Smoothwall Pricing in Technical; Originally Posted by chrisrowlands @ AMLightfoot the new knowledgebase idea sounds really good to me, I think with Smoothwall being ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisrowlands View Post
    @AMLightfoot the new knowledgebase idea sounds really good to me, I think with Smoothwall being as comprehensive and feature filled as it is, its hard to know all of the features as well as I would like sometimes.

    I had an idea which popped into my head today about another possible way Smoothwall could improve their support. I have been having an issue with our Frog server which wasn't the easiest problem to solve and instead of having to use teamviewer or remote support into a machine on site here they had a direct connection to the Frog server offsite and were able to test things and putty in when needed and fix the problem and send an email to say all fixed. I know for all my tickets I have raised with Smoothwall more often than not an engineer will end up teamviewing in which either involves me giving them access to my machine with all the right tools on or setting up a test machine with the tools on. Surely it would be a lot easier from both your point of view and customers if you had a back door into your own product. I know this might not be possible with some customers firewalls or some tickets but it is only an idea
    A backdoor would be handy and you can configure one under the External Access rules if you want to give us direct access so you can configure this yourself but the biggest problem we find with this is upstream firewalls blocking the connection - LEA firewalls and the such then it's a pain for you guys to have to log a request for ports to be opened and so on.

    Might be worth popping that idea into Uservoice though as it's certainly something our support engineers have been mentioning for a while. I, too am not sure of the feasibility in writing a back door into our product as I suspect there may be security concerns associated with that that having the customer manually configure it themselves avoids.

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    As it happens "connectback" is in our roadmap - not got an ETA yet though

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    Has Smoothwall increased its yearly support pricing, out of interest?

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