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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, LGFL 2.0 and Ranger Control in Technical; Hi I work in a school in enfield which is governed by the LGFL 2.0 Grid, now we're planning to ...
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    LGFL 2.0 and Ranger Control


    I work in a school in enfield which is governed by the LGFL 2.0 Grid, now we're planning to get Ranger Control for the classroom here, but i know that there is a filtering system on that which allows you to assign greater detail to the blocking of certain websites, I don't know a great deal about LGFL 2.0 all i do know is that its not very good and but it does the job which it is set to do.

    Does anyone have any experience with Ranger Control and LGFL 2.0 at all, that could give me some insight on what could happen when i put both together.



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    I used to help out in a school that used Ranger in LGfL but they ended up running with just the LGfL filter but I think that was because they were not making use of all the features. I bet is covered under a remote access product so the school’s head will need to sign up for category 2 filter to make it all work – always sign up for one the lgfl training course which are free – there’s one on the filter system – have a look on their support site

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