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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Filtering/firewall/ISP decisions, advice needed please. in Technical; Good afternoon all, Currently I'm with our LA for broadband and they also give us some 'basic' filtering, We have ...
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    Filtering/firewall/ISP decisions, advice needed please.

    Good afternoon all,

    Currently I'm with our LA for broadband and they also give us some 'basic' filtering, We have a TMG setup on site that the students went through to enable us to better filter content, block things quicker, easier, be able to give staff access but not students, etc. We all know the fate of TMG!

    At some point in the not too distant future I'm looking at ditching the LA broadband and going it alone as I want more control over filtering/firewall etc. I'm also looking to provide direct access etc and we are looking into BYOD etc.

    So far I've looked into various options like Lightspeed and Smoothwall for my firewall/filtering needs. I'm awaiting quotes on lightspeed which I know has got good reviews on here (although isn't a firewall so I'd need to sort that) but I have to admit I do like the look of the Smoothwall UTM option. In fact at the moment the only thing about Smoothwall that I dislike is the price and the comments on here about the support (which looks like they are improving thankfully). I first got a quote for the UTM-1000 and then got a quote for just the software figuring that I'd save money and just use what was the TMG server for it. I don't want to know figures but out of interest how does the pricing of other products compare, is it all much of a muchness so to speak?

    Can anyone tell me how easy the Smoothwall software is to install and configure? I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that I then find myself devoting stupid amounts of time and resources to.

    Does anyone know of any other alternatives I should be considering (not more expensive as budget is tight)? Or should I contact ISP's and see who can offer me connection + firewall + content filtering?

    My biggest issue is that the TMG was soo cheap to run and I haven't got a massive budget so I'm really trying to get the best cost effective system for as little as possible (aren't we all).

    Any feedback or advice is appreciated.


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    Hi ... We left the SWGFL last year and after have searched the market we ended up with the following: Virgin Business 20meg .... Censornet filtering and a business class Netgear firewall.
    The broadband has been flawless. The filtering is brill and the firewall does what it sais on the tin ... Virgin costs us £42.00 per month Censornet £340.00 PA for 60 concurrent connections and the firewall cost £200.00. We are a medium size primary and our new setup as saved us lots of cash. The broadband also comes with a free phone line which we have utilised and that saves us more ...

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    We're here and do the whole shebang of Fortigate security + lightspeed content filtering + high speed fibre leased line

    Feel free to get in touch or search for us on Edugeek as there's been multiple threads about us


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