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    Superfast Broadband VS Fibre

    im stumped (and not sure if this has already been mentioned)

    we are looking at renewing out broadband package and are a little confused my some mentioned packages

    we're looking at 2 main companies...BT and Virgin

    both offer 50Mb superfast broadband (FTTP) and 100Mb Fibre
    Fibre is being priced at CONSIDERABLY more for the setup cost( Superfast - ~£1500...Fibre - ~£3000)

    could someone enlighten me to the difference if BOTH are going to the premises???

    also another confusing matter...BT is charging ~£8000 setup for Fibre vs Virgin's ~£3000 setup

    any feedback will be appreciated

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    50Mb is probably going to be based on ADSL2 which is fibre to the cab and then copper into your building.

    Alternatively you can have fibre installed directly (recommended) and it probably means the contention ratio is also going to be better so you're sharing available bandwidth with no one else or fewer customers.

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    It should be down to contention ratios. The Super Fast Broadband as @Michael said is almost certainly ADSL based and you'll be sharing the line with probably upto 20 other customers at business prices. The more expensive 100mb fibre is a leased line that is all yours. There'll almost certainly be service differences in terms of both up times and response times. A typical leased line might have a 99.99% up time and 4hr response for the 0.01% failure. The ADSL might be 95% up time and we'll fix it when we can...

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