Hello everyone,

Trying to get a bunch of these working on our network for 'evaluation purposes' however I'm having problems.

The Android devices I cannot access the Play Store from them which is one of the requirements for this project so that can install things onto the devices themselves. I've looked out our web filtering appliance after I've tried to do it but can't seem to pick apart which URLs it needs. Short of giving them a higher level of access (which does work) i need a list of the URL's these devices use for the playstore if anyone knows?

Also we have a couple of chrome books which get stuck at the 'network not available' screen, presumably because the URL they are using for checking their access is not working either. Giving them a ultra high level of acces works, but this is not suitable, so if anyone knows what URL's need unblocking to make chroebooks work properly as well, that woul be handy.

Cheers in advance!