I am after some assistance with connecting to the Internet with my windows server 2003 browse the internet; when I attempt to browse any website it just says this page cannot be displayed, but I am fully able to ping Google and other websites. When I plug any other device into my switch I can access the Internet via Internet explorer fine.

You are also able to RDP into the server so it has an IP and is connecting but nothing is displaying in explorer.

We are in the process of transferring domains and the old company that use to run the server ran through a proxy address which we have removed, but it still works if you add the old proxy back in, but like I said we can plug other devices ( off the domain) and that works without the proxy, just no luck with the server if you remove it!

Please help!I can provide more information if required!

Kind Regards
Dan Burgess
IT Support Tech
Notley High School