We have a Sonicwall TZ210 which refers web requests to a Websense server to check if the request is permitted, etc.

I am trying to replace the old websense server (crashy, no disk space 2003 P2V conversion) with a new 2008 vm. However the sonicwall refuses to 'see' the websense server - simply states "server is not responding"

I am fairly new to both Sonicwall and Websense, and whilst there seems to be lots of documentation on both, there seems to be very little on using them together.

The instructions seem to be - put in the websense ip address into sonicwall and turn on for zone. But not much help when it goes wrong.

Is there anyone who uses these products together who could give me a place to start.

My install is new (7.7 web security) and pretty much defaults all the way.

Any suggestions appreciated!