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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, SWGFL Termination fee £1k per site! in Technical; This seems very odd to me. Can you drop me a PM, I have some contacts in swgfl. As the ...
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    This seems very odd to me. Can you drop me a PM, I have some contacts in swgfl.

    As the contracts have to be renewed each year, it figures some won't and then service is terminated. You have given notice of non renewal, so I don't see the problem

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    Please remember that termination is not simply unplugging a cable. Some RBCs / LAs will have factored this cost in during the period of the contract and so no cost is apparent to schools directly, but the cost is still there. The costs as described are perfectly reasonable and comparable to other similar terminations.

    Refusal to pay will probably mean that the funds have to be sourced from somewhere else in the LA, meaning it cuts into money available for other services. Even if you are an academy, you are taking money away from services used by your families.

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    If what GrumbleDook is saying is true then it would appear that some LAs just assume you would never want to leave so they don't tell you that you are going to be charged to leave (I would be money on this never being told to a school when they signed up).

    It is the same above attitude that no one will leave that has lead LAs to become uncompetitive with leaving, prices quoted from our local LA were nearly double the cost of going independent. When we told them our costs of leaving their prices were suddenly able to go lower (virtually matching going independent), which makes you wonder why it was £10k+ extra annually to start with.

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    We left the swgfl last year after giving 3 months notice ..... We paid no termination fees attall .... As far as I can tell termination only comes into play if the contract is current ... if its gone past its final date and its not renewed after having given the contracted notice then its not a contract anymore ..

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