Hi this is my first post so HI to you all,

I'm an an IT Admin at a college and we are running 5 TMG & ISA firewall/proxy servers and what im after is a nice piece of software that can test them from one location mainly my PC
just somthing i can configure all the IP's or host names of all 5 of my proxies click a button and it tests that traffic can go through each of them.

Currently I'm running a VBS script that changes the proxy setting in IE to what ever i have preconfigued then launches a webpage to google.
this is a pain and slow and alot of clicks......

I have looked and can't seem to find much out there for this, as searching for a "Proxy Tester" all you get back is sites for external web proxies so kids can get on facebook and youtube from college or school etc...... a real pain finding what im after can any one help?