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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Moving from SWGFL, questions. in Technical; Ok, Please excuse me if this doesn't make sense/I sound thick... we are looking to move away from our current ...
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    Moving from SWGFL, questions.

    Ok, Please excuse me if this doesn't make sense/I sound thick...

    we are looking to move away from our current virgin 10mb/swgfl service.

    We host a website internally with around 10 subdomains, I believe those are specified in our swgfl router.

    We are looking to go with a line from Gigler/City Fibre and a Palo-Alto appliance. Gigler will be supplying a static IP.

    RM are currently our domain registrar as well. We will be getting help to set up the Palo Alto and connection, but I'm unsure as to exactly what I need to do to make sure all of our various sub-domains continue to work.

    Can we deal with the DNS for them internally once we have had our IP published alongside our domain name? Does it need to be done in the Palo-Alto? Do i need to get another dedicated router?

    Apologies for the 20 questions but this is new territory for me!

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    Hi ... We are going to have the same problem as we are going to host our own web server as well as our moodle box ... We are also moving from the SWGFL and are having a virgin line put in with a netgear router/firewall.
    My current thoughts are to have a single landing page with a menu system to point to the different internal services ... This maybe overly simplistic but never having done this before its the best I can think of so far !!

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