Hi All

On 4th January I placed an order with BT to get them to supply me with Fibre Broadband. I contacted my existing supplier who provided me with a MAC number and informed me that I am outside of the contract and do not owe them anything, just 7 days notice.

I said that I have an engineer booked from BT to come out on the 24th January 2013 to perform the installation, so could I cancel the next day. There was nothing said about the migration process in terms of the new supplier so it was due to be cancelled on 25th January 2013. So I booked Annual Leave for that day, my last day off until April 2013.

On Monday 21st January 2013, I contacted BT who informed me that there was a problem with the order, they cancelled the order and created a new one. A few days later I found there was another problem with the Order.

When it was finally escalated to Management, it turned out that the previous supplier had put a Cease order on the line and BT was unable to start the order process until this was complete.

On January 25th 2013 BT finally placed a order on the account and started the process. They have moved the engineer's appointment from 18th February 2013 to 2nd February 2013, but it states on their tracking website that the activation date is still the 18th February 2013; but I have been advised by BT that my actual activation date is 2nd February 2013.

They have also charged me for BT Broadband as from 25th January 2013.

1. I am not sure who to complain to as I thought the migration was supposed to be seamless with no loss of service, but currently we are nearly 7 days without Broadband.
2. BT said that they credit my account when it is sorted, but is it legal for them to charge for the Broadband PRIOR to it being activated?

Any info would be appreciated