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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, UK Regulations in Technical; Hi All, I have been trying to find UK regulations and guidelines for Internet provision inc filtering for schools. I ...
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    UK Regulations

    Hi All,

    I have been trying to find UK regulations and guidelines for Internet provision inc filtering for schools.

    I have asked a round a few people and they have basically said as far as they are aware there are no UK regulations but there are in the states and they stick to them I.E CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act)

    Does anyone know of any regulations and if so where to find them?

    On a by note what do you schools that don't use a filtered isp IE SWGFL use to filter your internet?

    Many thanks


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    There are no formal regulations regarding internet filtering for schools.

    Filtering is done by schools for three reasons:
    1. We have a duty of care towards the young people at our school. This comes under Safeguarding. This means that not only do we minimise the risk that may be caused by young people being exposed to inappropriate content (and that content varies with age), but we also educate the young people in how to use the internet safely. This means that we may choose to block Social Networking, for example, completely or only unblock it at appropriate times in the school day.
    2. Blocking certain sites helps to keep the little darlings 'on task'
    3. Blocking certain sites helps to minimise the malware risks on our networks.

    @GrumbleDook did a brilliant post on this some time back. If I can find it, I'll post the link... unless he beats me to it by posting here

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    My previous school went from SWGFL to BT for internet and installed 2 smoothie boxes for firewall/filtering/email filter. So much nicer having complete control, I do not miss the phone calls to Abingdon.

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