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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, How log monitor and log internet speeds? in Technical; We are having issues with our internet speeds and its proving very difficult to pin down who is at fault ...
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    How log monitor and log internet speeds?

    We are having issues with our internet speeds and its proving very difficult to pin down who is at fault as RM are suggesting its the smoothwall and smoothwall support are saying it's the upstream proxy.

    Is there anyway I can run a continuous internet speed check that will log results?
    If it's something that can be done with the flexibility to run through differing proxies I could do simultaneous tests using the SWGfL proxy and the internal smoothwall proxy to compare?

    Hoping someone can help.


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    I was trying to do this last december and could not find a product to do it. Spent a week trying!

    Even our Cisco ASA5520 firewall could not provide data.

    pfSense may be able to do it.


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    You need to monitor your routers SNMP counters with something like cacti. To check Smoothwall you can probably do the same (does smoothwall do SNMP? I'd hope so?) or rely on its internal reports. Upstream of your own equipment you're a bit stuck. The best you can do is say 'not my fault' and start pointing fingers at RM then mail them lots of graphs.

    Outside of raw speed. Your DNS might be the problem? Have you checked hostnames resolve in a timely manner (your upstream DNS might be overloaded, again still RMs problem).
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