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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, As TMG has been retired... in Technical; Originally Posted by SYNACK Abandon ware? That's my one hope right now. Eventually replacing it, although a pain, is not ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK View Post
    Abandon ware?
    That's my one hope right now. Eventually replacing it, although a pain, is not as much of a problem if there isn't a ridiculous timescale associated with it.

    There are a couple of things that make no sense:
    1) Why they would sell us a permanent licence until they found out we were a school. There's a buyout option for OVS corporate entities, but apparently not for schools on a 1 year OVS-ES.
    2) The associated web services that were subscriptions are now given away free if your licence expires before the plug pull day (31st Dec 2015). So we'd get the filtering and malware updates we were paying for, free... but can't properly licence the software the updates are for?!...

    If anyone does have a couple of TMG2010 Standard licences down the back of the sofa that they'd like to sell, please drop me a line!

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    I have also been looking for a TMG license with no success. Subscription is a no, and buying it as a whole product is a no. Anyone had any success in finding a company that can sell a TMG license?

    Does anyone know a good alternative that does publishing as well e.g. sharepoint, OWA, direct access / remote apps? I spoke to someone at smoothwall but he wasn't sure if it done all of that. Reverse proxy is a relatively new feature so he didn't know of anyone that used it in that way.


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    I too am looking at the future after TMG. Is anyone using Sophos UTM 9? It seems to do most of what TMG does...

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