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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Video playback problem on "Castles" program in Technical; We have an ancient HTML-based multimedia package about Castles by "Avant Garde Multimedia"...can't find it in Google and I doubt ...
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    Video playback problem on "Castles" program

    We have an ancient HTML-based multimedia package about Castles by "Avant Garde Multimedia"...can't find it in Google and I doubt if they're still trading. This thing was installed long ago in a shared Windows 2003 server folder. It includes videos, but these don't show; just a little "graphic not available" indicator. (If you look at its properties, Protocol/Type/Address etc all say "Not Available".)

    The program works OK if it's copied to the local drive, and I'm told it used to work on this networked drive, though I can't be 100% sure. The server has since been demoted to "member server" status in a Windows 2008 server domain, and the browsers upgraded.

    The line in the webpage which is supposed to show the video is:

    <img border="2" dynsrc="@@/films/NDevelop1.wmv" start="fileopen"></p>

    (The "@" symbols are "."s...I've had to replace them because the forum code messes them up otherwise.)

    I've tried IE and Chrome, and running the thing from a subfolder in the Intranet, but it makes no difference. Since it runs OK from the local drive I'm wondering if it's some kind of browser security setting. Any ideas...?
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    Are the WMVs there? ../ means one folder 'up' from the referencing page. Can you try replacing them with absolute links (eg file://server/share/films/ndevelop1.wmv)?

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