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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Ports to open for Apple TV/ Airplay mirroring. in Technical; I am trying to get cross network apple tv mirroring to work. With very limited sucess. I have a open ...
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    Ports to open for Apple TV/ Airplay mirroring.

    I am trying to get cross network apple tv mirroring to work. With very limited sucess.

    I have a open wireless network where the client lives, and a wired network where the apple TV/PC running reflection is sitting.

    From google etc I have found the following ports to open...

    TCP & UDP ALL 49152 Apple Airplay RAOP service
    TCP & UDP ALL 3689 apple airplay DACP service
    TCP & UDP ALL 7100 Apple Airplay mirror port
    TCP & UDP ALL HTTP (80)
    TCP & UDP ALL 7011 Apple Airplay NTP 7011
    TCP & UDP ALL 7010 Apple Airplay NTP 7010
    TCP & UDP ALL 7100
    TCP & UDP ALL 7000 Apple Airplay 7000
    TCP & UDP ALL 62078 Apple Airplay 62078
    UDP ALL 5353 Apple Airplay 5353
    TCP ALL 3689 Apple Airplay 3689
    TCP & UDP ALL 554 Apple Airplay 554
    TCP & UDP ALL 8080 personal devices web ports
    TCP & UDP ALL HTTPS (443)

    We have a linux box running avai doing the mDNS announcing..

    So I can see my apple TV on the other side of the network, from my ipad, but can only do a display photo. If I install reflection on a PC on the same wired network, I can get mirroring to work for up to 30 secs or so, then dies.

    Can anyone share a working firewall config with me? No idea what I have missed at this stage, the fact that it "nearly" works is driving me bonkers!



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    Did you get this working, I trying to open ports from my BYOD network and Google I'm opening so many ports but still no joy. Might have a do a traffic capture to figure out what ports I need.

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