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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, iTunes Proxy Issue in Technical; We have just purchased 7 iPads to use in school, I want 1 member of staff to use iTunes and ...
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    iTunes Proxy Issue

    We have just purchased 7 iPads to use in school, I want 1 member of staff to use iTunes and manage all 7 devices from their school laptop. We run Smoothwall onsite (Guardian setup as a VM) and all users connect to the internet through the SW proxy on the LAN. The staff have the ability to change their LAN settings to connect to their own wireless without going through the proxy when offsite.

    I have installed iTunes on the teacher laptop but get the following error message at startup: 'iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store'. I have been on several forum sites reading about potential issues with iTunes running on a coporate/educational network, things like firewall, GPO's etc. The member of staff can use their laptop off the LAN fine with no issues but I want the ability for them to use both off and onsite.

    I have installed the same version on my laptop (NO GPO's, firewall OFF, flushed DNS and done a netsh winsock reset and reboot - all with no avail. I am at the point where I think that this could be a SW issue.

    Has anyone had similiar issues or have any ideas with getting this working. I am wondering about creating a new policy within SW which would allow a connection to the store?


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    Have you allowed itunes in the Guardian / Policy Objects / Category groups / multimedia / itunes ?
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    There is an app called authoxy we have had to install on our macs to use the appstore/itunes behind our proxy.

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    Does your Smoothwall require authentication to get out? iTunes is pretty dumb in this regard and won't forward credentials to the proxy after receiving a challenge. I use Squid, but I've never touched a Smoothwall box. What you need to do is add these domains to an ACL that doesn't require authentication to get through:


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