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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Filtering 'level' in Technical; Hi guys and girls, I am using Smoothwall as a web filtering solution in our school and wondered what other ...
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    Filtering 'level'

    Hi guys and girls,

    I am using Smoothwall as a web filtering solution in our school and wondered what other schools do in the way of filtering - I filter out all the general stuff (porn, terrorism, intolerance, drugs), and leave out everything else (abortion, acohol and tabacco etc.) but then I have some members of staff saying theat the pupils are doing a project on maruajana or the twin towers, so things get blocked. Do people have a really minimal filter setting, or do you really tie things down? Imagine 11-18 year olds (the juniors have a really tight filter). Please try and reply how tight (or not) your filters are, so when I stand up in front of everyone and say 'this is what everyone else does', I'm not talking out of my <censor here>!?

    Cheers, and thanks.

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    I think you'll get some quite varied responses for this. I, like you have the most important ones blocked.
    Malware and Hacking
    Social networking
    Video sites - Youtube Edu enabled
    We also have a number that are customised i.e. only a few sub categories selected.

    Our students are 16 years+

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