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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Bloxx Newer products in Technical; Used to have aTVT500 which was decent, but wasn't scaling well to the amount of devices we were seeing on ...
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    Bloxx Newer products

    Used to have aTVT500 which was decent, but wasn't scaling well to the amount of devices we were seeing on out network. Have recently upgraded (hmmm....) to a 1250W, with the new software interface, and am wishing we hadn't bothered.

    Our unit is slow, the interface clunky and illogical, policies aren't as updating as fast, and WebAdmin is much much slower, sometimes timing out. Support is harder to achieve, ( i suspect due to the growth in support requests over the new products and their problems). Anyone pleased with the new versions?


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    We have an Impressa 1W and it is fine! We previously had a TVT-1250 and that was ok, although not as quick or as responsive when in the WebAdmin as the 1W is.

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    We have taken on 2 * paired 1250w units. These are poor. Time outs, problems with loads, a memory leak (as identified by their support). The units are substandard and loaded with bugs. We've logged many support calls and had many firmware updates from Bloxx. Unhappy with the product big time.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm one of the technical consultants at Bloxx.

    Sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with your new appliances, can you send me a PM with your details so I can investigate this further for you and get back to you to resolve any issues you've been experiencing.


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    We had a TVT-250 for 3 years without a problem, I raved about how good it was and recommened it when ever asked. Then we upgraded to the TVT-1250 and its the biggest pile of junk, Its been replaced 4 times in just over a year, its so slow and unresponsive. I can't wait for the contract to finish so we can get something better.

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