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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Heart Internet .. anybody got any thoughts on it? in Technical; Ok, so my current webhost has had a few issues of late so I'm considering moving my services, something I've ...
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    Heart Internet .. anybody got any thoughts on it?

    Ok, so my current webhost has had a few issues of late so I'm considering moving my services, something I've not done for a good number of years as I've been very happy with my current reseller provider. A good friend of mine works for Heart and recommended I take a look at their services (he's in technical, so no, he's not getting commission .. lol) but I just thought I'd ask if anyone on here uses Heart for anything and what their thoughts are about them as a company, service provider and any thoughts on the hosting they provide?

    Also, do feel free to recommend me other companies that offer reseller services (I don't quite have enough clients to warrant going fully dedicated, but possibly enough to go VPS if the price is right).


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    Im Looking for one 2, problem With Heart Internet, is your own allowed to host 3 websites and that's on the Business Pro account. So if you want more than three website your need the reseller account with is £30 a month

    I have found these

    Best reviews to lower, i'll show me choosing one of these

    - http://www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk/
    - http://www.justhostme.co.uk/
    - Cheap Web Hosting Services. Free PHP Website Hosting By UK Company
    - http://www.123-reg.co.uk/
    - Web Hosting Services Provider | UK2

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    I have a site that uses Heart, hosted on a regular business package that's just been moved from old to new infrastructure. Support has always been average, nothing stellar, no horror stories. However the new infrastructure allows a maximum file size of 200Mb. If this would be a problem for you I'd advise checking the package out thoroughly. There are other small niggles, but this is enough of a limitation that I am also looking for a new host at the moment :-)

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    I've used heart internet for 4 years now, the support has always been good - they logged in once or twice and changed the phpinfo on one of my VLE sites as it was using too much memory, they did this without telling me too! I kept changing it back until they got the message.

    On the Reseller package for around £41 per month (33 registered domains) though the email solution they provide isn't the best and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Office365 is better for that!

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