Hi All,

I have a Palo Alto 2020 firewall in place. On Tuesday I did the latest content update/ antivirus update and Application and threat detection updates. Everything seemed ok until one of my users told me they were having a problem with a certain web page. Now there doesn't seem anything especially special about this page. Just HTML.
Anyway, when viewing the page the page doesn't load properly. Either the page comes up blank, or the page only half loads. No error messages. Just says done.

I know it is something to do with the firewall because if I put a computer with this problem straight out onto the internet and bypass the firewall entirely then it works fine.
Seems to work ok on a computer within the firewall if I use Windows 7 or IE9. But XP with IE8, Chrome or Firefox all have the same problem.
Now these IP addresses have been released and have no restrictions on it so as far as the firewall blocking the site it shouldn't.

And if I get this half loaded page and then CTRL+ F5 then it does reload some of the time. So if it was the firewall then the page would be blocked or not. Or if it was blocking certain elements in the page then refreshing it wouldn't make them appear.

Can anyone suggest anything to try for this most peculiar problem?